Remember to be grateful…

(Kusatenda huroyi) is a Zimbabwean proverb likening one who is ungrateful to one who practices witchcraft. The first victim to such witchcraft is self. A happy organisation is characterized by individuals and groups who in their perpetual voluntary and involuntary interactions are optimistic and inevitably seek to express gratitude towards each other.

Life...Take 2

because I know sometimes in this rushed world we live in we don’t always take the time to stop and be thankful for the good things we have.  This morning, for example, I woke up, was super groggy, desperately needed coffee, and had to rush to let my dogs out and then get to work.  The sun was starting to come up and as soon as I stepped outside to walk the pups (pics of the fur babies below) I looked up and saw that the sky was this amazing shade of pink.   I instantly smiled, felt more awake and calm and was very grateful for such a beautiful morning to start of this new week.

It is little things like a beautiful sunrise that I am making more of an effort to appreciate and absorb these days.  This past year has been very transformative for me. I started out…

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I talked about abuse and made you uncomfortable? Good.

Clarity on what exactly constitutes abuse, is key in curbing the existence of this deadly phenomenon.

Natalia A.

“People mistake vulnerability for intimacy. It’s not just annoying, it’s damaging.” — these words from my friend and Anti-Nihilist Institute co-founder Anna Lind-Guzik have been knocking around in my head lately for a reason.

Vulnerability is a useful tool of connecting to one’s audience. This isn’t just true of confessional writing. When I began to open up about leaving Russia/an abusive relationship, I did so with an explicit goal in mind: Draw attention to the problem, and show people how abuse *really* works.

It was also obviously important for me to emotionally connect with my audience and friends in general. Pain becomes more manageable when you feel less alone. All of this is normal — mundane, even.

I wasn’t surprised by the amount of odd, insensitive, prying and condescending messages I received. A lot of them came from men who have trouble processing vulnerability — in all of its forms…

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Yena aya kwini wheelchair bound

Artists need genuine managers inorder to maximise on profits.

The only Informer in Town

IMG_20180313_172122_130Boti-majulie wheelchair bound. Photo by Angie Nkuna. 

By: Blessing Mabunda

GIYANI- The mocking phrase ‘Yena aya kwini’? owner, July Hlupheka Mabunda (60) is using a wheelchair after his painful fall on the ground.

According to Giyani View’s source Mabunda on the day of the incident took so much drinks that led Mabunda to fall down at one of local liquor stores in Bambeni village outside Giyani town. 

Mabunda dominated the social media networks towards the end of 2017 when his video clips went viral on internet mocking his aunt, Kokwani Khubani Mbiza.


cropped-photogrid_15192838278631.jpgMeanwhile, last year, Benny Mayengane told Giyani View that Boti-majulie’s manager, Tirhani Mabasa shouldn’t have considered organising a birthday warm party and the house opening ceremony for Mabunda but buying his home appliances.

Till to date the RDP house has no new furniture; no tv-set, or couches only old Wardrobe and bed which Mabunda says he…

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